Free Roulette Flash Games for Play and Real money in Canada

Roulette is a fun game to play. This is the case regardless of if you want to play for free or for real money. It is open to players all over the world, including Canada. Whether as a starter or experienced gambler, there is surely something for you to enjoy.

However, there are numerous options to choose from that it may become difficult for anyone to make a -choice. Knowing this, we will be covering some of the best online roulette games you can enjoy in Canada, among much other vital information.

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Best Roulettes with Real Money

Playing Online Roulette in Canada is now as easy as it can be. This is because of how popular the game of roulette has become over the years. It is an adventurous wheel game that gives it’s player pleasurable moments with just one spin. It doesn’t really matter whether you are familiar with the game or not, and anyone can simply enjoy the game! Although some players come to play for fun while some come to play to win some cool cash, whichever it is, we are here to acquaint you with various options of the Roulette game.

Best Online Roulette Games

There are numerous free roulette simulators to enjoy in Canada. Below are a few of the best ones to enjoy:

  • European Roulette Pro
  • American Roulette
  • European Roulette High Limit
  • Low Stakes Roulette
  • American Roulette High Limit
  • French Roulette
  • French Roulette High Limit
  • 3D Roulette
  • Deal or No Deal Roulette

Types of Free Online Roulette Games

Like we discussed earlier, you can play an online roulette wheel simulator for real cash and even for free. There are various options available if you decide to go with the free variant. Some of the top options include:

European Roulette

The European roulette, usually regarded as the original game, has been in existence for a long time, even before the American Roulette came in existence, and it originated from Germany and France. The green zero pockets on the wheel stand for the house edge, and the house edge is just about 2.70% in the European Roulette. It is just this single “0” slot in the European Roulette that entices players to the game.

If there were no zeros on the wheel, then it would have most likely been a sum game of which the players and even the house would eventually have to break even. But the casino wouldn’t operate in that manner. The European Roulette is the best you can enjoy on our Free Casino Games site.

American Roulette

This type of roulette was started in Louisiana and also played all over Mississippi. The American Roulette is a wheel that has 36 numbered slots, and two green slots for “0” and “00” and also a slot with an American eagle. But in this type of this roulette, the house makes profits more because for example, for a bet in the 19th century, it only pays 27 multiples of the bet, and since the 10th spin would always end on a “0”, “0” or an eagle averagely, the house would take all the profit which means that just very few players would have something to account for after the game.

But since then, there have been changes and modifications, and players’ chances of winning have greatly improved, and although the house still has higher chances of raking the profits, losses have been significantly minimized. The question now remains which of the two roulette games is better? That will be discussed in the following paragraph.

Choosing between the American and European variant

Before you can play to win, one thing you need to determine is the best online roulette wheel variant to try. There is just one difference major between the two above-mentioned types of roulette, which is the number of zero pockets present in each.

The European roulette wheel has only the “0” pocket while the American roulette has the “0” and the “00” pockets. But truth be told, I won’t advise you to play the American roulette unless you just want to play it for the sake of “old times” and then lose lots of cash because the inclusion of the double zero makes it less likely to win.

But since there’s another option that has a better chance at winning and can be played online, why not go for it. Also, there’s a rule that binds the European roulette called the “En Prison” rule. The En Prison rule is used when a player places an even-money bet and then spins the wheel, if the wheel lands on the zero spot, the bet is then locked down till the following round. If he wins in the subsequent round, then the player takes his entire stake. Mind you; this is only applicable in the European roulette game.

Other Online Roulette Games

Various online roulette flash game casinos have formed their type of roulette games at their own rules. Although there may be additional rules and features to make it more interesting, the main rule still stands. An example is if you happen to spin on the same number consecutively for a certain number of times, you have hit a big jackpot – exciting, right? There are many more, and some of them have been listed below.

French Roulette

The French Roulette is a type of roulette that is very similar to the European roulette; it’s betting options are identical, and it has a single zero pocket too. The differences between the French roulette and the European roulette are the betting board design and the addition of the “La Partage” rule.

The La Partage rule means that when a player has placed his bet and then spins the wheel if the wheel lands on the “0” spot, the player takes half of his bet. This rule favors the player more and thus makes the French roulette a better game than the European roulette. At times, in the French roulette, they employ the “en prison” rule, which locks down the player’s bet when he spins and lands on a zero spot.

They simply say, “the bet has been put into a prison,” which literarily means that the bet stays on board for the next round of spinning the wheel, and if the players win the spin, he simply takes his stake back and if otherwise, he loses his bet.

Mini Roulette

The Mini Roulette is just like the aforementioned types of roulette sims with limited betting options and fewer numbers. It is not as common as the other types of roulette games, although, of recent, playing online has been rampant. However, it has no special rule binding it.

Multi-Wheel Roulette

This type of roulette game allows you to place your bet on more than one wheel spin at a time. Although in most cases, the number of wheels to bet on is decided by the casinos offering them, it usually ranges between 2 and 8. And because it is a new type of roulette game, only a few numbers of casinos offer them.

Tips & Tricks for Beginner Roulette Players

Although, the roulette game doesn’t need you to necessarily possess a unique skill because it is a hit or miss game, however, there are several guidelines that will help you as a learner. We will be discussing these tips in the following paragraph.

Know Your Financial Plan

Before you think of venturing into an online roulette game, the first thing to do is to plan for the money you intend to spend. Make sure this money is an amount that you can spare, and once you have lost that budgeted money, then you need to stop for the day and repeat this step some other day. The greatest mistake you can make is always to think you can make up for the losses immediately – this will only increase your losses.

Also, set a limit for your wins too, more like a time limit. This will help you to always rake in some profits at the end of the day and not start betting with these profits till you lose them all again. Not only that, but it also ensures that you don’t get carried away at the casino and forget to attend to other things that needed to be attended to. Likewise, staring all day at the PC can be dangerous for your sight and your health at large, so make sure to set the amount of cash you intend to win within a specific time limit, and once you achieve it, you can log out for the day.

Study the Rules

Know the rules binding a particular game before venturing into it. Online roulette games still have tweaked, and tricky rules as rules may vary across different platforms, so avoid being ignorant, try to read through the rules first.

Learn the Basic Rules of the Roulette Game

Familiarize yourself with the rules that guide Canadian roulette, know the rules concerning the number of bets that can be placed, their payout option, and so on. This will allow you to plan your bet strategies well and know what to expect at any point in time. You won’t be caught unawares. Don’t forget that the bigger the risk of a bet, the bigger the prices.

Why Play Free Roulette Online?

The roulette game can be played in casinos and can also be played online. But why you should always prefer the online game is because you can request payouts immediately you win, no matter how huge the payout is. There are more reasons to always consider playing online than in casinos, check them below;


If you find yourself in a new area, you don’t need to go through the stress of finding a casino to play the online roulette game; all you have to do is just simply log on to your account and then place your bet at the comfort of your home. In Australia, to play the roulette game, you don’t need to be finding a landed casino; you can simply do it online. It is also a perfect alternative for a player that requires full concentration. If you don’t want to relate to no one while playing, playing online is the ideal option for you.


There are numerous versions of roulette you can play. If you are someone that likes diversity, playing roulette simulator flash online offers you just that.

Best Roulette Bonuses for Beginners

Bonuses and offers can surely be a great tool to bring in new players and even maintain old players. Offers like deposit bonus, free spin, free gifts at sign up, to mention a few are what could bring in potential new players. Below are some of the amazing bonuses you stand to enjoy from online roulette.

  • VIP & High Roller Bonuses: Although becoming a VIP in a casino can prove to be a cumbersome task, but being a VIP is a sure ticket to access all juicy offers that accompany it. Offers like free spins, complimentary rewards, and other sorts of promotion.
  • Reload bonus: This type of bonus is usually made available for old players, which prompts them to deposit into their account again, and after they have done that, they get some extra bonuses. This just a strategy used to prevent old players from moving to other online sites for playing the roulette game.
  • Deposit Bonus: Online roulette game players may enjoy some mouth-watering bonuses when they sign up a new account, although there might be terms and conditions that accompany it. But always make sure that you’re acquainted with the terms and conditions before joining as failure to meet up with the terms and conditions might cause you to miss out on these juicy offers.

Terms for Beginner Online Roulette Players

There are many basic terminologies that you need to know as you play free roulette no download. Below are some of the terms:

  • Action: this means the total bet a player places over a specific period of time.
  • Action Player: this refers to the players that stake high on a regular basis
  • Inside bet: this refers to when a player places a bet on the numbers that are close to the middle of the table. These types of bet can be placed in little groups or specific numbers, and they range from split, corner, and snake bet.
  • La Partage: this is a rule that refunds half of a player’s stake comes into play only when the ball falls on “0”.
  • Odd number bet: this refers to when players places bet on odd numbers for succeeding spins and it has a 1:1 payout odd
  • Outside bet: this is a bet placed outside the assumed layout limits. These bets usually have bigger odds but with lower payouts. Examples include even or odd, low, inside column, and so on.

Online Roulette Basic Rules

Deciding which number the wheel will stop is the primary aim of the roulette game, of which the players will have to select from different odds with different payout options. But, bear in mind that the odds that pay most are the most difficult to win. Players are to stake their bets before they begin to spin the wheel; some can also stake their bet after a wheel has been spun – it all depends on the laid rule, which is the responsibility of the dealer. The dealer decides when the game starts and when it stops. And once the ball stops, the winner takes their winning immediately while the dealer removes all lost bets and also remove the marker from the winning number.


You may have loads of questions to ask, or even worry about which site to play a free roulette simulator. These questions might prove frustrating at times, and that’s why a list of the frequently asked questions have been brought together to make playing the roulette game online free of hassle. We will discuss a few of the questions in the following paragraph.

Is Roulette Legal?

Well, in most places all around the world, it is officially permitted to play the online roulette game, but if there are laws that are against online roulette games in your area, then you can stay away from it. This question comes from many because most times, casinos might not be permitted to operate in some areas – which means that casinos cannot have their center of operations in that area, but can have it outside of the jurisdiction.

Are Online Casinos for Real Money Safe and Legit?

The answer is yes, but only if you select a properly licensed casino. In as much as follow our guidelines and you choose from a list of games that are well scrutinized from us, you can play roulette games for real money without any fear. This is because the games we list are safe and unbiased. Also, your personal information is secured. We evaluate various online roulette games and bring only those that you can play without regret whatsoever. All the online websites are approved and certified, and so they are safe to deal with.

Are There Any Betting Limits?

In general, betting the roulette has a much wider range online than in casinos, more especially at the lower limits, although betting limits can be different for each casino. But the European Roulette typically has $0.25 as its lowest possible bet and $50 highest possible bet on the numbers while it has $5 as its lowest possible bet and $150 as its highest possible bet on the outside (red or black and so on). online casino real money nz
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